Path to Cancer Care

NovellusDx is dedicated to delivering the actionable intelligence that oncologists require to choose the right therapy for each patient. NovellusDx provides comprehensive, fully-automated, functional gene profiling of individual patient tumors including charting the full landscape of known and unknown mutations that drive the cancer’s progression.

By measuring the activity of signaling pathways, NovellusDx’s Funtional Annotation for Cancer Treatment, the FACT system, assess the activity of mutations and combination of mutations and their response to targeted drugs. In addition, the FACT system support biopharma companies throughout the entire life cycle of the drug.

Our technology allows us to:

  • Profile the oncogenic activity at the cellular level of the tumor
  • Monitor the outcomes of known and unknown DNA mutations
  • Monitor the activity before and after drug administration

Annotating mutations

A live cell assay, which allows us to monitor the activation level of the signaling pathways directly. Therefore, we can assess the functional significance of the mutations found in each gene.

Characterizing the tumor

It is understood that the interaction with microenvironment and cross-talk between mutations are major factors in disease initiation, progression and patient prognosis. The assay allows to monitor such effects giving a more complete characterization of the tumor.

Testing the drugs

The assay is repeated after incubation of targeted therapies. Allowing us to assess the effect of a battery of drugs on the activation level of the signaling pathways.